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Laundry - step by step

1 - Preparation of the laundry

Before washing, take another close look in the pockets of your textiles, especially in the pockets of your pants. Often you can still find paper tissues, coins, pens, screws, keys or even banknotes or your cell phone. In the worst case, your laundry or the contents of your pockets are damaged, and damage to the machines cannot be excluded.

Also, roll down cuffs and close all zippers, snaps and hooks. Tie bands together. Underwire bras are best washed in a laundry bag or pillowcase. Turn jeans inside out to reduce fading.

Sort your laundry by color, brightness, degree of soiling and care instructions on laundry labels.

2 - Washing machine selection

Before you pay one or more machines at the central control unit, have a look at them. Make sure that the machines you want are clean (also inside). Otherwise, please choose other machines; we would be glad to receive your info.

3 - Filling the washer extractors

Do not overfill the drum! If the machine is overfilled, the laundry in the drum cannot be adequately moved and will therefore not be properly cleaned. Detergent residues on the laundry can then also not be excluded, since the powder cannot dissolve optimally. Only fill the machine loosely, making sure that there is about 10 to 15 cm of free space above the laundry. Then close the door and lock it by turning the door handle counterclockwise.

4 - Operating the central control unit

Tap on "Wash and spin" on the central control unit. Then select your machine. In the menu that appears, select the laundry mode you want to wash your laundry with. Make sure you select the correct mode; after purchase, it is no longer possible to change it! Tap on "Buy." You will be prompted to pay. After payment, the machine and detergent dispenser will be unlocked and receipt printing will be offered.

5 - Adding washing powder and fabric softener

For a laundry program with prewash, just under half of the detergent powder goes into the left compartment, and the rest goes into the second compartment from the left. For programs without prewash, all of the detergent powder goes into the second compartment from the left. The third compartment from the left is not needed. The fabric softener is filled into the right compartment (if desired).

6 - Start the maschine

Now the machine can be started by pressing the round green button on the left side of the machine.


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